Software Development

I am a Chartered IT Professional, Certified Professional Scrum Master and experienced Project Manager and Software Development Manager. I have many years’ experience in both Prince II and Agile (SCRUM) project management methodologies. My focus throughout my career has been on building highly effective technical teams that deliver the highest possible return on investment to the business they serve.

Having spent several years as a technical Project Manager and Software Development Manager advising business leaders on software development and technical product development, I am now seeking a more challenging role in which I will have responsibility and accountability for delivering vital technical and software solutions that deliver real value.

With many years experience within the public and private sectors, my technical ability, business acumen, and ability to communicate effectively across the Business and IT, I know I can bring enormous value to any organisation serious about advancing their position through technology.

My experience across the sectors is relatively varied putting me in a unique position to appreciate the challenges of each while having the insight to identify perhaps obscured opportunities for effecting change and improvement. I’ve worked with charitable organisations, schools, local councils, small commercial start-ups and global corporations and this has equipped me with a broad range of knowledge, skills and tools that I am able to apply in almost any professional situation.

Perhaps also rather uniquely, I have a deep understanding of the relationship between business and IT, having been a technical lead for many years as well as a Managing Director of a commercial start-up and a member of the board of directors on a not-for-profit community media organisation. I believe one of my greatest strengths in my ability to bridge this divide and facilitate effective communication and build fruitful relationships.