Moodle user account spam

Moodle user account spam

November 13th, 2008 | written by

Recently there seems to be an increasing number of pointless attacks on Moodle websites. These mindless spammers, usually purveyors of porn and sexual enhancement potions, are creating bogus accounts on innocent Moodle sites and plastering obscene images and links in the user profile. Obviously the best way to attempt to avoid this irritating practice is to refrain from allowing public visitors to register to your site and stick to one of the other authentication methods.

If your Moodle site has been attacked in this way there is a simple script available in the Moodle Tracker (Issue MDL-17144) that will allow you to search for user accounts containing cstrings commonly found in this kind of spam. In addition, you may wish to take a look at Reducing spam in Moodle in the Moodle docs.

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