Google Adsense – The Land of Opportunism

Google Adsense – The Land of Opportunism

October 16th, 2008 | written by

Google Adsense

I love Google. I think Google is an excellent company, with an excellent ethos and most excellent products. Google has liberated and enabled many with its openness and generosity. But there is one thing I could never bring myself to thank Google for…

I suppose it could be argued that Google can not really be blamed for this current plague of opportunism and bad taste. The fault lies with those who seek to abuse and misuse an ingenious product that in principle offers a win-win solution for all involved.

Adsense is sheer brilliance. It’s simple, it’s free, it’s relevant and if used with taste and thought should be unobtrusive. Many people who take advantage of this wonderful service understand this. However, unfortunately there seems to be a growing sub-breed of Adsensers out there who are simply devoid of any dignity or taste or self respect; an encroaching mass of opportunistic, mercenary, fraudulent desperados who will stop at nothing in the attempt to lead and mislead information consumers towards that all-important click.

You know the kind of sad website owners I am talking about. There are a lot of them out here. Those who run blogs or forums that are just littered with ugly, pointless ‘Ads by Google’ inserts. These people clearly have no self-respect and certainly no pride in the content they serve. But worst of all they are displaying fragrant disrespect – no, utter and total contempt – for their audience. By styling the Google adds, as these people do, to blend in with the design of the site, and then embedding them ‘discretely’ within a paragraph of the text on the page, the author is making a concerted effort to trick the reader, to catch them unaware. This is ambush, pure and simple. It is obvious to me that people that do this don’t have anything positive to contribute; they have nothing at all interesting to say. This is particularly obvious of those who choose to plonk their Adsense block right at the start of a blog entry. What does this say about their content? The only possible way I can interpret it is like this: ‘What follows is complete tosh. I have nothing interesting to say, my life is meaningless, click here to escape my banal, vacuous website‘!

But of course, those of you who practice this heinous activity (if in fact you have the brain capacity to read my words) will be shouting ‘Ha! , but we make money from Google Adsense. So there!’ Well, bully for you. But I guarantee that the guys hanging around Piccadilly station in Manchester selling the Big Issue, or sitting in the shop entrances with their dog and a mug for pennies, collect more in a day than you. The most important difference though is they will also always have infinitely more dignity than you ever will. Get a life, then get real job.

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