360 degree feedback tool

360 degree feedback tool

August 9th, 2009 | written by

Oakridge Training and Consulting

I have just begun a major development project on behalf of Oakridge Online for one of their largest pharmaceutical clients. With an international team of consultants Oakridge will soon be delivering a blended training programme to a large number of deligates from the US, Sweden and UK with plans to pick up in Bangalore, Asia Pacific and Moscow.

Oakridge Online is based on the increasingly popular Course Management System or Virtual Learning Environment Moodle. The new 360 degree assessment tool that I am currently developing for Oakridge Training and Consulting integrates seamlessly with Moodle but if needed can be implemented as an entirely stand-alone application. Oakridge will be developing questions for the 360 degree feedback to support their Decision Making programme. The Feedback application however is being designed as a generic 360 degree feedback tool using the rating-scale question type typical of the 360 degree assessment model, so Oakridge Training and Consulting will be able to develop unique 360 degree assessments for all their future online programmes.

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  1. Richard

    9 years ago

    I was wondering if you have completed your development of a 360 degree assessment tool using Moodle? I would be interested in learning more about your plug-in. Thanks, Rick

  2. simon

    9 years ago

    Hi Richard,
    Yes, this tool is now complete and will be rolled out to about 250 delegates in late October.

    It’s not exactly a Moodle ‘plugin’ in the traditional sense although it does work seamlessly with the Moodle system and connects with the database providing the Moodle users with completely integrated experience. The main issue with the 360 degree process and Moodle is that you want to involve respondents to the feedback who may not be registered Moodle users. This has been overcome with my approach yet the module appears to the registered or non-registered user to work like any other integrated ‘plugin’ within the host Moodle website. The other advantage of this approach is that the 360 degree feedback tool can also work entirely independently of Moodle as a stand-alone application.

    At this stage the application has been bespokely developed for specific programmes, but the next phase to be completed early in the New Year will include the ability to create unlimited question sets and completely automate the feedback creation and deployment process.

  3. Damian

    8 years ago

    Hi Simon,

    I am interested in your 360 degree assessment tool project. Both as part of Moodle and as a stand-alone application. Can I have a price quote and a demo?

    Many thanks,

  4. Simon

    8 years ago

    This project is the result of an original commission from one of my clients which I developed to their very specific requirements.
    If you are also looking for some bespoke development, I would be delighted to discuss your needs and provide you with quote.

    Please provide me with more details of your requirements and I will do my best to help you.

  5. Harish Balan

    8 years ago

    Hey, Just want to make sure does your 360 covers the below:

    1. I have observed that most of the organizations do not have a provision of providing anonymous feedback to their colleagues.

    2. And for organizations who follow 360 tools do not have the provision of providing continuous feedback to their colleagues. They have to wait for the yearly cycle to complete.

    I am looking for an option wherein individuals can initiate 360 on their own and are not dependent on the company to run it. Colleagues are free to rate anyone any time and obviously it has to be anonymous. It should be cutting across organizations i.e. if i have worked in 4 companies, i should be able to see the feedback from colleagues of all the four companies. This requires a separate application accessible to all the users.

    In fact, recently i have observed a trend wherein individuals can use few websites and take the benefit of above mentioned ones.

  6. Simon

    8 years ago

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks for your questions and comments.

    1. Yes, anonymous feedback is an option;
    2. The feedback can be administered/delivered how you wish;

    Finally, my feedback application can be managed within an organisation or can be entirely automated and distributed across as many companies to as many individuals or groups as you wish. The system is completely flexible and may be managed and organised to fit whatever requirements you have.

    The points you raise seem more to be about the organisations using the feedback than the software itself.

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